Quality (QC & QA)

Quality Assurance & Control

Changing The Chemistry Of Success

Quality is the foremost value that can be created and offered. It is the stringent, sturdy bridge between the consumer market and the production units. That is why our department of Quality Assurance & Control follows strict control and compliances to produce first-rate products. Right from the manufacturing to completion, the QA and QC give a Standard Operation Procedure which is thoroughly followed by each department, throughout. These department-specific SOPs are made on the basis of national and state regulations as well as the ICS guidelines.

Whenever a batch is produced, it has to go through several tests and reviews to prove its purity, description and nature, before any kind of approval. The batch that is unable to meet any of the stated criteria is marked as Out of Specification batch and sent for further investigation and retesting. This to-the-core policing and guidance are maintained so that the quality of the product stays intact during production, distribution, consumption as well as when shelved.

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