Rubber Chemicals/ Plastic Chemicals

Sr.No.Product NameCas No.StructureEnd UseGet Quote
01.2-Mercaptobenzi-midazole583-39-1Rubber Industry Get Quote
02.5-methy1-2- mercaptobenzi-midazole27231-36-3Rubber Industry Get Quote
03.2,5-Dimercapto-1,3,4- thiadiazole (DMTD) 1072-71-5Flame retardant, Lubricant in petroleum Get Quote
thio semicarbazone
1752-30-3PVC manufacturing in Plastic Industry Get Quote
05.Zinc Salt of
155-04-4Vulcanizer Accelerator for Rubber Get Quote
06.Zinc salt of 5-Methyl-2-mercapto benzimidazole (ZMMBT)61617-00-3Vulcanizer Accelerator for Rubber Get Quote




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